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The Morgan City Public Library is a service institution dedicated to providing the highest quality services to meet the informational, cultural, educational, and recreational needs of the community. To accomplish this mission, the Library will acquire, organize and provide access to materials that reflects all points of view. The Library will take a proactive position by interacting with the community to develop resources, policies, and professional services in response to changing needs. The Morgan City Public Library’s mission includes access to information of all kinds. Access to electronic information is available to all citizens. As part of our mission to meet the needs of the community, the Library makes available free access to online services.



The Morgan City Public Library provides limited access to the Internet as a service to our patrons. The Internet is a resource that enables library patrons to connect to information beyond that contained in the Library’s collection. The Library is not a commercial Internet service provider. It is the Library’s policy to provide Internet access to the public within the limits of available space, equipment, time, personnel, and other resources. Because of the lack of space in the library only ONE patron may use the computer at a time in order to avoid disturbing other users of workstations nearby. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the suspension of use of the computer. The Library cannot guarantee access to the Internet at any given time. The Library may recommend interesting, useful and legal Internet destinations and resources for Library patrons to access and explore. However, the Internet is currently an ungoverned and unregulated source of both verified and unverified information. While the Internet does contain a wealth of useful material, it also provides access to sites containing material that some patrons may find offensive or objectionable as well as access to sites that may be illegal, unlawful or obscene.

This Internet Policy is intended to affirm and serves to advance the following governmental interests:
(A) The protection of children from exposure to obscene material, child pornography, material harmful to them; and
(B) The prevention of the creation of a sexually hostile work environment for library patrons and employees, and the prevention of discriminatory conduct; and
(C) The maintenance of discipline and order, and the limitation of disruptions in the study or work environment of the Library; and
(D) The minimization of providing access to illegal pornography, and
(E) The aid and support of Federal, State, and Local criminal and civil laws designed to deter and punish trafficking in obscenity, child pornography, stalking, and harassment by means of computer; and
(F) With respect to minors, the exclusion of material which is “pervasively vulgar” or “educationally unsuitable” for the respective recipient age group.

In providing computer access as an information resource, such as the use of providing access to or through the Internet, World Wide Web, or an interactive computer service the Library realizes that electronic display is more public in nature that other print media. It also recognizes that while it is impossible to monitor all the information or images that can be accessed on the Internet, some amount of control can be exercised with the use of filtering software as mandated by Congress. The library will seek to facilitate, provide, and encourage Internet use in its facilities that is in accordance with general community standards and in keeping with Federal, State, and Local standards of the City of Morgan City Code of Ordinances Section 74-146. The public dissemination of obscene material or child pornography is neither necessary nor required under the Library’s mission and is inconsistent with public policy and community standards. The Library also seeks to avoid and minimize the opportunity that unrestricted access to the Internet could result in exposure and exhibition of offensive sexual materials that could contribute to a hostile work place or other sexual harassment or disciplinary problems within the Library environment.


    Because the Internet includes some information which parents and guardians may deem to be unsuitable for their children, parents and guardians must provide the necessary guidance and oversight of their children. They are the primary ones who must make decisions regarding whether they permit their children to have Internet access at the Library. Parents and guardians must ensure that they take all appropriate parental and guardian actions in respect to the use of the Internet at the library by their minor children. The Library and its staff cannot act in the place of a parent or guardian. In addition, the parent or guardian will be held both legally and financially responsible for any damage done to the computers whether by intentional or unintentional act by the introduction of viruses, Trojan horses, malware, or malicious software. In addition, the rough handling or abuse of the computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse will also be the legal and financial responsibility of the parent or guardian.


    The Library has no control over the information contained on the Internet and is not responsible for its contents. The Library cannot verify or be held responsible for the accuracy, reliability, quality, timeliness, or legality of information found on the Internet. The Library cannot be held liable for the conduct of Internet users. The Library may not be able to control access to materials or protect patrons from materials they may find offensive. Library users access the Internet at their own discretion and risk, and they are responsible for evaluating the validity and appropriateness of information accessed.


    Users should be aware that the Internet is not a secure or private medium and that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding user activities. However, the Library will not release information on the use of specific Internet resources by any users except as required by law or as legally permitted and necessary for the proper operation of the Library.

    In addition, users should be knowledgeable about scams, phishing schemes, identity theft and other fraudulent activity taking place on the Internet. Should such unfortunate consequences befall a user on a public Library Internet machine, the Library cannot be held responsible for the consequences that befall the user. As a condition of Internet use at the Library, each user must agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including with limitation, all rules and regulations which may be established from time to time by the Library Board of Commission. Further, each user must agree to take no action on the Internet which could cause the Library to incur any expense beyond the general access fees. By initiating use, the user agrees to the fullest extent permitted by law to hold the Library harmless from any liability for any wrongful conduct of the user, including without limitation, any such unauthorized expense, costs and attorney’s fees.

    The Library reserves the right to refuse access to the Internet to any person for the violation of this or any other policy of the Library, in accordance with applicable law.

    The following rules for the use of all Library Internet Computers are adopted and established as an integral part of this policy:



    (1) Each user shall be deemed to agree, by advancing beyond the initial computer screens, to abide by the Morgan City Public Library Internet Use Policy.
    (2) Copyright: U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code) prohibits the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted materials, except as permitted by the principles of “fair use.” Subject to fair use, users may neither reproduce copyrighted materials (text, images, programs, and/or data) nor distribute such materials by any means (including electronic mail) without the explicitly written permission of the copyright holder. Responsibility for any consequences for copyright infringement lies with the user. The library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility or responsibility resulting from such use.
    (3) ONLY Library staff may reboot, restart, or log onto the Library’s Internet computers.
    (4) Users may not make unauthorized entry into other computational, informational or communication services or resources (hacking.)
    (5) Users may not present themselves or the Library by using computer accounts, access codes, numbers, passwords, signatures, or network identification assigned to others.
    (6) Users may not invade the privacy of others at any time or in any way.
    (7) Users may not use the Internet to send harassing, stalking, bullying or hazing text or images to others.
    (8) Users may not send, receive, or display obscene materials, child pornography, and /or other materials prohibited under applicable local, state, and federal laws.
    (9) Users may not use the Internet for illegal activities, including the violation of the rights of third parties.,
    (10) Users may not make any attempt whether intentional or unintentional to damage or alter the Library’s computer equipment, software, or data and/or the equipment, software, or data of others. Such actions will require the reimbursement by the user for repairs or replacement of the equipment if it is unrepairable.
    (11) Users may not under any circumstances install software on library computers.
    (12) The use of thumb drives in the USB ports located on the monitors are allowed BUT MUST BE first checked for viruses by a staff member. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE. Violators will be asked to leave the library immediately.
    (13) Floppy disks and CD-ROMs cannot be brought in from outside the library for use in library machines
    (14) Personal headphones from home are allowed to be used. Headphones must be kept at a reasonable volume so as not to disturb the computer user sitting beside you.
    (15) A color laser printer is available for use for printing at a charge of fifty cents per page. Printing without paying will be grounds for suspension from computer use. Staff members will be happy to assist if you are unsure of how many pages you will be printing. Once pages are printed, ALL pages must they must all be paid for before any are released.


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