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Public Library

  • 1) Each borrower is required to show government issued picture identification with your current address before receiving a library card. Patrons with identification that does not show a current address will be required to show two current proofs of residence such as a utility bill, telephone bill or bank statement. Two  phone numbers are required. There will be no exceptions to these requirements. Children under the age of seventeen must be registered by their parent or legal guardian. Your borrower’s card should be treated in the same manner as a credit card; keep it in a safe place so that it is not lost or stolen. Should your card be stolen, it is your responsibility to report it to the library so that it can be cancelled. Failure to do so may result in someone else fraudulently using your card, in which case you will be responsible for any items borrowed with that card. Replacement cards are available for a $2 fee.

  • 2) Books, Books on tape or CD, periodicals and interlibrary loan items may be checked out for a period of three weeks. Videotapes and DVDs may be checked out for a period of 5 DAYS. E-books may be borrowed for the regular check-out period of twenty-one days.

  • 3) No more than two items at a time may be borrowed by new registrants. After six months of membership, up to ten items may be borrowed if you are a patron in good standing. Good standing is defined as one without fines due and a current address in the tri-city area. A temporary borrower’s card can be issued to patrons who will be visiting in the area for a short period of time and are without a permanent address in the area. Temporary patrons are restricted to one item out at a time. Temporary patrons and new patrons with less than six months of library usage cannot request books through interlibrary loan.

  • 4) Items may be renewed via telephone or email if the item is not on a reserve list. Interlibrary loan items may NOT be renewed.

  • 5) Items may be returned after regular business hours through the book drop slot in the double doors on the Second Street side of the building. Interlibrary loan items, video cassettes and disks, and books on tape or disks MUST be returned inside the library.

  • 6) Items may be reserved and you will be notified of their availability. Many items, such as the works of popular authors may be reserved in advance of publication.

  • 7) Fines for overdue materials will be charged as follows:
    a.) Books, books on tape or cd, and periodicals will be charged at a rate of TEN CENTS PER DAY.
    b.) Interlibrary loan items will be charged at a rate of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS PER DAY.
    c.) Videotapes or compact discs will be charged at a rate of ONE DOLLAR PER DAY.
    d.) Items that are lost or damaged must be replaced at the CURRENT REPLACEMENT cost plus a $5.00 fee along with any FINES that are owed.

    No more than $5 in fines may accumulate before a borrower’s privileges are suspended. ALL fines must be paid before privileges are reinstated.

  • 8.) Due to demand for a particular topic, a limit of two items per HOUSEHOLD on the same subject may be imposed.

  • 9.) The library is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


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Morgan City Public Library.

Morgan City Public Library.

Morgan City Public Library.

 Morgan City Public Library.

Morgan City Public Library.

Morgan City Public Library.